Skyline Learning Credits (SLCs)

More Choices. More Learning.

What are Skyline Learning Credits (SLCs)?

Skyline Learning Credits (SLCs) are prepaid credits that give you more choices across more brands for your technology goals. With SLCs, the sky’s the limit when gaining the most from your IT investments.

Ask how you can use SLCs across any Skyline offering and brand today.


Apply SLCs to a wide range of training courses and brands - delivered by our award-winning experts.


Create custom courseware with SLCs to meet your organization's unique needs and industry changes.


Use SLCs for services like Mentored Installations, QuickStarts, or our Professional Services Support Plans.


SLCs can help with sales readiness to drive positive business outcomes with our Enablement Services.


Customize Your SLC s

One size doesn’t fit all. Tailor your SLCs to any size budget for you or your team.

Secure your budget

Eliminate the need to allocate funds for training and services on an ad hoc basis.


Reduce the time, effort, and expense of generating multiple purchase orders.


Increase staff productivity and benefit from a well-trained IT staff.

Complete Your Network

Integrate training, hardware, software, and services across multiple brands.

slcs offer flexibility across

More Brands

Why Choose Skyline?

Personal attention.
While we’re confident in our capabilities across Cisco & IT architectures, it’s our personal attention to your needs that sets us apart.

Your Skyline representative will help with...


We’ll help develop a comprehensive plan for your budget and training goals.


Scheduling can get complicated, especially with teams. Let us do the work.


Track and manage all your credits with personal updates from your rep.

Ready to get started?

How to Order SLCs

Bundle Up
SLC Packs & Pricing

SLCs are valued at US $100 per a credit and sold in customizable prepaid packs.

Contact us or your Skyline representative to build the right SLC Pack for you, your team, and your budget.

More about SLCs

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